Attitude is Altitude!!

Our attitude defines our personality and decides our consequences. We may be extremely proficient however if we possess wrong or negative attitude then we can never achieve consistent success in the various endeavours of life. Pleasant and Positive attitude is transferable hence if you practice it yourself then it will effortlessly get transferred to others.

A lot of times we may say stupendous and mellifluous words to someone however if our attitude is not good then the outcome will not be pleasant as words are heard but attitude can be felt hence it makes a greater impact.

There are so many instances of those people who achieved great success however their weakness of attitude took away that success from them.

I would like to quote Albert Einstein who said: ” Weakness of Attitude is like weakness of character” which means it is not your appearance or your words that describe your character but it is your attitude that characterize you.

A question arises: What is the meaning of right attitude?

The answer is very simple:

Right attitude means to be positive, patient,courteous,grateful, and generous.

Reaching great heights is not as difficult as remaining there is hence one should be kind-hearted and pragmatic through out the journey of success and should remain so after achieving it too.

Positive attitude attracts love whereas negative attitude attracts hatred


First step towards changing your life is to change your attitude



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