Parents are the most heavenly blessing of the almighty. Parental love is selfless,unconditional and ineffable.

I have been extremely fortunate to be born to two extremely loving,caring and supportive parents who gave me a remarkable upbringing and never enforced their decisions on me.

At a very young age I realised their greatness and worth. Being a girl I was always told that post marriage I cannot expect the same kind of affection from my in laws as no matter what I do I’ll remain a daughter in law and can never become a daughter but I never agreed with that as my parents always taught me to treat my inlaws like my own parents.

I am extremely grateful to the almighty for again blessing me with tremendously loving,caring and supportive parents. For the world they are my mother in law and father in law however for me they are my parents and I am their daughter.

I am writing this blog especially for those girls who are married or are about to marry and would advise them not to have a conjecture that they are going to a different family instead believe that they are blessed with a second family who will give them more love and affection and their life post marriage will be more ecstatic than pre marriage.


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I am a working professional with 13 years of Experience in the fields of Communication Training,leadership,management and Sales.I have worked with Topmost MNCs and Educational Institutes in cities like Delhi,Gurgaon,Mumbai,Allahabad and Bangalore.I have designed suitable courses on the basis of my experience and research. I offer following courses: Basic and Advanced Communication Training Corporate Communication Training Grooming and Style Training Self Motivation Skills Interview Preparation Sessions I offer both one on one and Group Trainings.

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  1. Definitely parents and children is an immeasurable and irreplaceable bond and I am sure having a daughter like you must be giving them a feeling of proud and ultimate satisfaction!!! your words describes your voice straight from the heart!

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