Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence holds immense significance in both professional and personal success.

Most of us focus on using our thinking brain more than the emotional one but we are not aware that the latter one responds more quickly than the former. I want to clarifythat I am not making an attempt to prove the ascendancy of heart over mind.I am infact talking about a perfect balance between the two as the intersection of both mind and heart plays a pivotal role in success.

EQ is responsible for professional success as employees with good EQ contribute humongously towards the accomplishments of the organizations. People with good IQ have more chances of getting employment than the opposite ones however in order to have promotions at work good EQ is a must as success at work depends on individual’s ability to build professionally productive and beneficial relationships.

In order to understand,handle and manage someone’s emotions, we must first understand and manage efficiently our own emotions for example if you are at an authoritative level in a company then you need to understand how to manage your anger. Emotional Intelligence teaches you when to get angry,to what degree you can get angry and what should be the purpose of anger hence anger being an emotion has to be handled well in order to be successful in your organisational or professional goals.


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I am a working professional with 13 years of Experience in the fields of Communication Training,leadership,management and Sales.I have worked with Topmost MNCs and Educational Institutes in cities like Delhi,Gurgaon,Mumbai,Allahabad and Bangalore.I have designed suitable courses on the basis of my experience and research. I offer following courses: Basic and Advanced Communication Training Corporate Communication Training Grooming and Style Training Self Motivation Skills Interview Preparation Sessions I offer both one on one and Group Trainings.

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