Life has been described by many people. Some call it a journey,some call it a roller coaster ride however I would like to call it an experience.

It is in our hands whether we make it a good or a bad experience.Our thoughts combined with actions design our life. Most of us get accustomed to accusing others or the almighty for all the tribulations of our life.We need to realise that our life is our responsibility. We need to handle it with utmost care.

Instead of lamenting and complaining about what we don’t have we should embrace and cherish what we have.We should try to be philanthropic and humanitarian so that we can not only make our life beautiful but also contribute with efficacy to the life of our contemporaries and people around us.


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I am a working professional with 13 years of Experience in the fields of Communication Training,leadership,management and Sales.I have worked with Topmost MNCs and Educational Institutes in cities like Delhi,Gurgaon,Mumbai,Allahabad and Bangalore.I have designed suitable courses on the basis of my experience and research. I offer following courses: Basic and Advanced Communication Training Corporate Communication Training Grooming and Style Training Self Motivation Skills Interview Preparation Sessions I offer both one on one and Group Trainings.

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