Public Speaking!!

Public speaking has been quite topical since ages and it’s significance in our professional and personal life has increased prodigiously with time. Public Speaking basically means communicating with a live audience.

The most salient rectitude a public speaker must possess is confidence without which it is impossible to connect with the audience as nervous speakers often fail to establish a connection with their audience.

Glossophobia or speech anxiety is a common issue with which people of all ages or backgrounds struggle with.

Such people develop intense stress prior to any event as they are too petrified to be communicating with people or getting group attention on them. This condition improves and even gets completely cured after proper guidance and grooming of an expert of public speaking or taking proper medications ( if needed).

Hence every individual should have stupendous public speaking skills in order to maintain better professional and personal relations as public speaking is vital to create an impact,inspire or educate a large number of people.


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I am a working professional with 13 years of Experience in the fields of Communication Training,leadership,management and Sales.I have worked with Topmost MNCs and Educational Institutes in cities like Delhi,Gurgaon,Mumbai,Allahabad and Bangalore.I have designed suitable courses on the basis of my experience and research. I offer following courses: Basic and Advanced Communication Training Corporate Communication Training Grooming and Style Training Self Motivation Skills Interview Preparation Sessions I offer both one on one and Group Trainings.

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