Before commencing this blog let me tell you what is PRITEESH?

PRITEESH stands for Priyanka and Niteesh ( My husband and me).My motivation behind writing this blog came from a conversation with a girl who told me that a woman becomes weak after marriage as she is compelled to sacrifice her dreams in order to support her husband to pursue his dreams and that is when I told her what I am going to tell now:

I met my husband an year ago and felt an amiable connection with him.

Inspite of working in metropolitan cities like Gurgaon and Mumbai I was never keen on love marriage and was a firm believer of arrange marriage.

My parents were my motivation to believe in the institution of arrange marriage as they made a perfect couple and I always saw my father valuing my mother’s efforts and they had immense respect for each other.

Coming back to my journey with my husband which has been an amicable, unbelievable and unthinkable journey, I never knew that there was someone so similar to me and soon we became best friends which leaded to partners in crime 😎.

Like any other wife I started making his dreams my dreams but I was astonished to see that he made my dreams our dreams.We chat like buddies,care like parents and fight like siblings which makes our relationship miraculously strong.

Hence I am proud to say that I am a modern women who has worked in top most MNCs. I have my own online training academy(called PACT) and I am an author ( first book in progress) but still my most happiest moments are with my husband. To be known as his wife gives me unimaginable pleasure and contentment.

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I am a working professional with 13 years of Experience in the fields of Communication Training,leadership,management and Sales.I have worked with Topmost MNCs and Educational Institutes in cities like Delhi,Gurgaon,Mumbai,Allahabad and Bangalore.I have designed suitable courses on the basis of my experience and research. I offer following courses: Basic and Advanced Communication Training Corporate Communication Training Grooming and Style Training Self Motivation Skills Interview Preparation Sessions I offer both one on one and Group Trainings.

6 thoughts on “PRITEESH”

  1. Lovely post…it feels immense joy to see your journey,which leads to more love n more happiness…
    Its a treat to watch your posts and videos.
    Yours true adherent ..

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