Attitude is Altitude!!

Our attitude defines our personality and decides our consequences. We may be extremely proficient however if we possess wrong or negative attitude then we can never achieve consistent success in the various endeavours of life. Pleasant and Positive attitude is transferable hence if you practice it yourself then it will effortlessly get transferred to others.

A lot of times we may say stupendous and mellifluous words to someone however if our attitude is not good then the outcome will not be pleasant as words are heard but attitude can be felt hence it makes a greater impact.

There are so many instances of those people who achieved great success however their weakness of attitude took away that success from them.

I would like to quote Albert Einstein who said: ” Weakness of Attitude is like weakness of character” which means it is not your appearance or your words that describe your character but it is your attitude that characterize you.

A question arises: What is the meaning of right attitude?

The answer is very simple:

Right attitude means to be positive, patient,courteous,grateful, and generous.

Reaching great heights is not as difficult as remaining there is hence one should be kind-hearted and pragmatic through out the journey of success and should remain so after achieving it too.

Positive attitude attracts love whereas negative attitude attracts hatred


First step towards changing your life is to change your attitude




Most of us have dreams however very few of us believe in our dreams.The biggest difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is the belief in his/ her dream.Most of the people have big dreams but they are too reluctant to work for it due to the word”if”.

What if I fail?

What if people make fun of me?

What if I don’t have the skills to make my dream come true?

If you really want to make your dream come true then eliminate the word ” if”from your life.People who live their dreams are not scared of the barricades.They constantly run towards their dreams.

If you have a dream then take that first step towards it and be prepared for the worst of the obstacles, roadblocks and hardships. Before you take that first step take an oath that no matter how many hindrances you have to face, you will only stop once your dream becomes your reality. Ask yourself everyday what are you doing to make your dream come true.Keep moving forward and focus only on your dream.

Most people spend good amount of time in trying to be like others however they fail to realize that they cannot be the best version of someone else but they can and they should be the best version of themselves so instead of spending time in someone else please spend time on yourself as the time invested in yourself is the best investment with guaranteed profitable returns.Its an art to spend time with yourself as only when you do that is when you realise what is your dream,what gives you happiness and what you can do for it.

You can either live life like everyone else and die one day or else you can pursue your dream,back it up with hardwork, perseverance and determination and live your dream,live every moment,enjoy every moment,make your family proud,be remembered for your remarkable journey even when you are gone CHOICE IS YOURS!!!

Do not be one of those millions seeking inspiration rather be the one inspiring millions


Stop dreaming a good life and start living a good dream



This word is extremely powerful but is often misunderstood.External beauty has been given great significance since years however we cannot deny the fact that external beauty is temporary and can be lost due to an unfortunate incident or due to the process of aging whereas internal beauty is neverending.

The difference between the two is that External beauty symbolises Beauty of body,complexion,skin type etc whereas internal beauty symbolises Beauty of soul and since we are aware that our body is bound to deteriorate with time whereas our soul is immortal so why not put efforts on polishing our immortal beauty.You may be the most good looking person on Earth and that can give you a pleasure of temporary attention however if you have a good character,kind heart and a philanthropic nature you will enjoy the endless pleasure of respect,importance and applause and this beauty of soul will dazzle with age.

One of my favorite phrases is “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.If you find someone beautiful then it tells a lot about your beautiful vision and thoughts hence when someone finds you beautiful then show gratitude and tell them with generosity that they are a beautiful soul which is why they find you beautiful.You will come across numerous people who will constantly typecast you as beautiful,ugly or average on the basis of your appearance however you do not need to give significance to their opinions as you are beautiful if you have a beautiful character and soul and those who cannot penetrate through your soul and your inner beauty they should not be taken seriously.

Beauty to me is happiness, intellectualism, emancipation and self assurance.Those who are true to themselves and are content with who they are and acknowledge the inner beauty of themselves as well as others are undoubtedly the most beautiful people on this planet.

External Beauty is bound to end whereas Internal beauty is endless,timeless and divine.”


“A beautiful soul is far more charismatic than a beautiful body



I have heard a lot of people sharing the importance of Self Discipline however I could not really understand it’s power till the time I practiced it.

Self Discipline to me means following a particular code of conduct in life.It is a way of training your mind to be stronger than your emotions.When I started practicing it initially nothing felt right because my brain was accustomed to a specific unhealthy pattern in which I have been performing my daily activities however with time it got used to the change and the results are beyond words.

Self Discipline gives us a healthy and a happy life. Your first step towards self discipline is ‘Controlling your thoughts’ because if you cannot control your thoughts then you can never control your actions.Let me give you an example:

If you are someone who wants to lose weight and be fit then first you need to stop thinking about junk food or any other unhealthy and fattening food.Only when you stop thinking about it is when you will stop consuming it hence control your thoughts before controlling your actions.

In order to be ‘Self Disciplined’ you need to have a strong will power, hard work and persistence without which you can never possess this life transforming virtue.If you are determined to achieve your goals then you have no option but to have self discipline as It is a tool which leads you to success and without it your dreams can never be converted into reality.

This is an art which you need to train yourself everyday.Even if you have setbacks then learn from them and keep moving forward with resilience.You need to keep telling yourself ” I’ll build the person I want to be” as nobody can do that for you but yourself.

It takes a religious and a continuous practice of Self Discipline for approximately an year for it to become your habit so start from today as tomorrow never comes.As Buddha said “It’s better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.I would also like to quote Abraham Lincoln who said” Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” Hence I’ll conclude by saying that try the magic of introducing this magnificent practice of “Self Discipline” in your life and you will have no unachieved goals and your life will be a combination of good health,happiness and success.

Self Discipline is the most powerful weapon in the battle of life


Do not follow success rather practice self discipline and let success follow you.”



Dependence on the external factors to motivate us is a major reason why we end up being a victim of disappointment,failure and stress.

One who can master the art of Self Motivation is definitely the odd one out creating his own sunshine on dull days which others would categorize as fruitless or futile. Self Motivation is not an inheritance infact it is a virtue which you teach yourself everyday.

Every person on this planet who is a great motivator had his share of either Self esteem issues or Humiliation or Inappropriate behaviour that he or she got subjected to however they did not let those negative circumstances or situations affect them rather they learnt to be a better version and kept motivating themselves and undoubtedly ended up as masters of Self Motivation.

When you wakeup every morning start motivating yourself as your life is a reflection of your own actions and if you have fun,sing,dance,enjoy in front of it then it will automatically sing,dance,enjoy in return so live life on the sound of your own drum.

Remember the world is already filled with people seeking motivation it now needs Motivators who not only motivate themselves but others as well and make world a better place to live.

Self Motivation is not a quality which one is born with, it’s a skill which one develops and nurtures till one masters it”



Since childhood I have heard this word countless times however it took me years to understand what it actually means to me or to a lot many people like me.To me success means happiness. Inspite of working in Top Multinational Companies and Earning a decent salary I was deprived of happiness as long working hours,work pressure,furious bosses and unrealistic targets used to constantly play in my mind that’s when I asked myself If I was actually happy and if not so what keeps me happy and the answer was: writing,training and public speaking is what keeps me happy and content so I decided to follow my heart.

Success cannot be counted on the basis of money in your bank account but on the basis of happiness and sound sleep.I am not saying that being rich is not being successful however being rich and being happy is what I call being Successful as success without happiness is the worst kind of failure so Ask yourself: “Are you happy doing what you doing?” and if the answer is no then analyse yourself and start walking on the road which would lead you to both success and happiness.I know it’s easier said than done but It can be executed in every possible way with firm determination,self belief and persistence.

A lot of times we live our lives in a manner dictated to us by others as we are scared of the criticism that might be thrown at us if we choose our own path but we need to ignore these external factors as the golden key to happiness and success is the way you interpret events that unfold in front of you.Criticism and negative events should be viewed as positive challenges that will help you to grow and climp up the ladder of success.All Successful and great people are master interpretors.

If you ask me what are the best motivational speeches I ever heard then I would say it came from those people who told me that I can’t do it because when someone tells me I can’t do something then they inspire me to make sure I do it.

Choose your own road to success and walk on the path paved by you”


Success is not a title, it is a feeling of immense happiness,excitement and contentment


Women Empowerment!!!!

‘Empowering women means Empowering generations’

For centuries women were not aware of their basic rights: Right to live,to be educated,to live freely from violence,slavery and injustice however with the growing processes and initiatives taken by numerous organizations,individuals and parents slowly and gradually we are stepping towards Gender Equality.

I would like to mention that our society not only consists of the stereotype men who consider women only good for cooking and homechores but it also consists of men who treat women especially their wives and daughters with dignity and give them liberty to take their own decisions.I have witnessed two such men in my life: my father who gave equal opportunities to my brothers,my sister and me and my husband who loves me for who I am and appreciates my virtues and opinions.

As a woman it’s our choice to choose our own career path,it’s our choice to be a home maker,a working professional or maybe a social worker,it’s our choice to work post marriage or not,its our choice to work post mother hood or not.We have the same liberty to chase our dreams and take our own decisions like men.We can achieve Gender Equality only when women start supporting and encouraging each other which is still a rare scenario.

Women Empowerment does not demand women ahead of men ,it simply requests Togetherness of men and women”