Different people have different definitions of Self love.To me ‘Self Love’ is like ‘Meditation’. Often we focus on living up to everyone’s expectations and in the bargain we practice a lot of Self criticism as we want to achieve perfectionism however there is no need to be too harsh to ourselves. If you expect people to love you then first fall in love with your own self.

Whenever you witness hardships if you constantly use self love and self compassion it will be easier for you to deal with them and surpass them.

In today’s competitive world where we have judgmental and critical thinking people all around us ‘Self love’ becomes a necessity not a luxury.

Researches have shown that Self love and Self compassion have helped people in the recovery of depression and mental health issues whereas most of the people suffering with such disorders are the people who are constantly striving to be ‘Perfectionist’

It’s better to be a stressfree average Performer than to be a stressful Perfectionist




Every day when you get up wear a smile as it is the most impressive and attractive attire. Our smile is magical and contagious.It not only makes us look beautiful but also relieves people around us of anxiety and stress.

When I was a kid my father taught me to smile when I greet anyone and in return they used to smile back however if I smile at people now most of them look astonished and ask me “What happened?” as they are not used to people smiling at them for no benefit.

A lot of you might not know that smile is a stress reliever and can also protect us from numerous health hazards so why not wear it as much as we can.

Our journey of Life is short but smile can make it a beautiful journey so try to smile while greeting people,smile while talking to family,friends, colleagues and individuals you meet on a day to day basis and I can assure you that you will fall in love with your own life.

An ordinary person with a smile becomes Extraordinary


It is a good day!!!!

When you wake up in the morning the first thought that comes in your mind decides how your day is going to be.Hence the moment you wakeup tell yourself it is a good day and I can assure you it indeed will be a good day because ” Life is what you make it”. Your brain gets trained to think according to the instructions you give it.If you think it is not a good day then your brain will think in that direction and show you all negativity of that day and on the contrary if you think it is a good day then automatically it will think in the positive direction and you will end up having an optimistic approach towards all your actions.

I started this practice few years back and it has given me optimistic results.Even if I get roadblocks I keep telling myself it is a good day for me and I will ensure I end it on a good note and automatically I start getting ways to get rid of the roadblocks and consequently achieve success.

In order to have a positive life you need to feed your brain with positive thoughts


Be yourself

A lot of us find it difficult to love ourselves the way we are which is not at all correct.If you want to be extraordinary then do not try to imitate someone else rather be yourself as you are unique and there is nobody in this entire universe who is like you.

The best thing to do is to be your best version and in order to do that you need  to understand your strong skill set and focus on improvising it every single day.If you get bricks thrown at you then make sure you build your own foundation with those bricks.