Monday Motivation

Since childhood I used to be startled when my friends referred to Monday as the most arduous day as it comes after a weekend and they did not use to like coming to school after same however I have always been in love with Monday and would like to quote my dad here who said to me, ” “Monday is a new day full of new hopes,new mistakes,new learnings and new achievements hence it is the king of all the days”.

His words have always been stuck in my mind and they have constructed me in this unusual and rare Monday lover.

Monday is indeed the most significant day of the week as it comes after the weekend recreation hence it should be the most fruitful and productive day for us and if we develop an optimistic perspective for Monday then we can accomplish half of our tasks on the first day of the week and can be fortunate to receive adulation as a reward for same.


Before commencing this blog let me tell you what is PRITEESH?

PRITEESH stands for Priyanka and Niteesh ( My husband and me).My motivation behind writing this blog came from a conversation with a girl who told me that a woman becomes weak after marriage as she is compelled to sacrifice her dreams in order to support her husband to pursue his dreams and that is when I told her what I am going to tell now:

I met my husband an year ago and felt an amiable connection with him.

Inspite of working in metropolitan cities like Gurgaon and Mumbai I was never keen on love marriage and was a firm believer of arrange marriage.

My parents were my motivation to believe in the institution of arrange marriage as they made a perfect couple and I always saw my father valuing my mother’s efforts and they had immense respect for each other.

Coming back to my journey with my husband which has been an amicable, unbelievable and unthinkable journey, I never knew that there was someone so similar to me and soon we became best friends which leaded to partners in crime 😎.

Like any other wife I started making his dreams my dreams but I was astonished to see that he made my dreams our dreams.We chat like buddies,care like parents and fight like siblings which makes our relationship miraculously strong.

Hence I am proud to say that I am a modern women who has worked in top most MNCs. I have my own online training academy(called PACT) and I am an author ( first book in progress) but still my most happiest moments are with my husband. To be known as his wife gives me unimaginable pleasure and contentment.

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Public Speaking!!

Public speaking has been quite topical since ages and it’s significance in our professional and personal life has increased prodigiously with time. Public Speaking basically means communicating with a live audience.

The most salient rectitude a public speaker must possess is confidence without which it is impossible to connect with the audience as nervous speakers often fail to establish a connection with their audience.

Glossophobia or speech anxiety is a common issue with which people of all ages or backgrounds struggle with.

Such people develop intense stress prior to any event as they are too petrified to be communicating with people or getting group attention on them. This condition improves and even gets completely cured after proper guidance and grooming of an expert of public speaking or taking proper medications ( if needed).

Hence every individual should have stupendous public speaking skills in order to maintain better professional and personal relations as public speaking is vital to create an impact,inspire or educate a large number of people.


Life has been described by many people. Some call it a journey,some call it a roller coaster ride however I would like to call it an experience.

It is in our hands whether we make it a good or a bad experience.Our thoughts combined with actions design our life. Most of us get accustomed to accusing others or the almighty for all the tribulations of our life.We need to realise that our life is our responsibility. We need to handle it with utmost care.

Instead of lamenting and complaining about what we don’t have we should embrace and cherish what we have.We should try to be philanthropic and humanitarian so that we can not only make our life beautiful but also contribute with efficacy to the life of our contemporaries and people around us.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence holds immense significance in both professional and personal success.

Most of us focus on using our thinking brain more than the emotional one but we are not aware that the latter one responds more quickly than the former. I want to clarifythat I am not making an attempt to prove the ascendancy of heart over mind.I am infact talking about a perfect balance between the two as the intersection of both mind and heart plays a pivotal role in success.

EQ is responsible for professional success as employees with good EQ contribute humongously towards the accomplishments of the organizations. People with good IQ have more chances of getting employment than the opposite ones however in order to have promotions at work good EQ is a must as success at work depends on individual’s ability to build professionally productive and beneficial relationships.

In order to understand,handle and manage someone’s emotions, we must first understand and manage efficiently our own emotions for example if you are at an authoritative level in a company then you need to understand how to manage your anger. Emotional Intelligence teaches you when to get angry,to what degree you can get angry and what should be the purpose of anger hence anger being an emotion has to be handled well in order to be successful in your organisational or professional goals.


Parents are the most heavenly blessing of the almighty. Parental love is selfless,unconditional and ineffable.

I have been extremely fortunate to be born to two extremely loving,caring and supportive parents who gave me a remarkable upbringing and never enforced their decisions on me.

At a very young age I realised their greatness and worth. Being a girl I was always told that post marriage I cannot expect the same kind of affection from my in laws as no matter what I do I’ll remain a daughter in law and can never become a daughter but I never agreed with that as my parents always taught me to treat my inlaws like my own parents.

I am extremely grateful to the almighty for again blessing me with tremendously loving,caring and supportive parents. For the world they are my mother in law and father in law however for me they are my parents and I am their daughter.

I am writing this blog especially for those girls who are married or are about to marry and would advise them not to have a conjecture that they are going to a different family instead believe that they are blessed with a second family who will give them more love and affection and their life post marriage will be more ecstatic than pre marriage.


Attitude is Altitude!!

Our attitude defines our personality and decides our consequences. We may be extremely proficient however if we possess wrong or negative attitude then we can never achieve consistent success in the various endeavours of life. Pleasant and Positive attitude is transferable hence if you practice it yourself then it will effortlessly get transferred to others.

A lot of times we may say stupendous and mellifluous words to someone however if our attitude is not good then the outcome will not be pleasant as words are heard but attitude can be felt hence it makes a greater impact.

There are so many instances of those people who achieved great success however their weakness of attitude took away that success from them.

I would like to quote Albert Einstein who said: ” Weakness of Attitude is like weakness of character” which means it is not your appearance or your words that describe your character but it is your attitude that characterize you.

A question arises: What is the meaning of right attitude?

The answer is very simple:

Right attitude means to be positive, patient,courteous,grateful, and generous.

Reaching great heights is not as difficult as remaining there is hence one should be kind-hearted and pragmatic through out the journey of success and should remain so after achieving it too.

Positive attitude attracts love whereas negative attitude attracts hatred


First step towards changing your life is to change your attitude



Most of us have dreams however very few of us believe in our dreams.The biggest difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is the belief in his/ her dream.Most of the people have big dreams but they are too reluctant to work for it due to the word”if”.

What if I fail?

What if people make fun of me?

What if I don’t have the skills to make my dream come true?

If you really want to make your dream come true then eliminate the word ” if”from your life.People who live their dreams are not scared of the barricades.They constantly run towards their dreams.

If you have a dream then take that first step towards it and be prepared for the worst of the obstacles, roadblocks and hardships. Before you take that first step take an oath that no matter how many hindrances you have to face, you will only stop once your dream becomes your reality. Ask yourself everyday what are you doing to make your dream come true.Keep moving forward and focus only on your dream.

Most people spend good amount of time in trying to be like others however they fail to realize that they cannot be the best version of someone else but they can and they should be the best version of themselves so instead of spending time in someone else please spend time on yourself as the time invested in yourself is the best investment with guaranteed profitable returns.Its an art to spend time with yourself as only when you do that is when you realise what is your dream,what gives you happiness and what you can do for it.

You can either live life like everyone else and die one day or else you can pursue your dream,back it up with hardwork, perseverance and determination and live your dream,live every moment,enjoy every moment,make your family proud,be remembered for your remarkable journey even when you are gone CHOICE IS YOURS!!!

Do not be one of those millions seeking inspiration rather be the one inspiring millions


Stop dreaming a good life and start living a good dream



This word is extremely powerful but is often misunderstood.External beauty has been given great significance since years however we cannot deny the fact that external beauty is temporary and can be lost due to an unfortunate incident or due to the process of aging whereas internal beauty is neverending.

The difference between the two is that External beauty symbolises Beauty of body,complexion,skin type etc whereas internal beauty symbolises Beauty of soul and since we are aware that our body is bound to deteriorate with time whereas our soul is immortal so why not put efforts on polishing our immortal beauty.You may be the most good looking person on Earth and that can give you a pleasure of temporary attention however if you have a good character,kind heart and a philanthropic nature you will enjoy the endless pleasure of respect,importance and applause and this beauty of soul will dazzle with age.

One of my favorite phrases is “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.If you find someone beautiful then it tells a lot about your beautiful vision and thoughts hence when someone finds you beautiful then show gratitude and tell them with generosity that they are a beautiful soul which is why they find you beautiful.You will come across numerous people who will constantly typecast you as beautiful,ugly or average on the basis of your appearance however you do not need to give significance to their opinions as you are beautiful if you have a beautiful character and soul and those who cannot penetrate through your soul and your inner beauty they should not be taken seriously.

Beauty to me is happiness, intellectualism, emancipation and self assurance.Those who are true to themselves and are content with who they are and acknowledge the inner beauty of themselves as well as others are undoubtedly the most beautiful people on this planet.

External Beauty is bound to end whereas Internal beauty is endless,timeless and divine.”


“A beautiful soul is far more charismatic than a beautiful body